Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Cool way to drink

I'm a huge beer drinker, and I love find cool ways to drink beer at home and out with my friends.  I wanted to share with you something I discovered the other day that has actually changed how I drink my beer!

I used to love going to out to the bars and drinking, and yes, I still enjoy doing that from time to time, but I have honestly found a new way to drink that might be better.  I love draft beer, and guess what you can drink draft beer at your house!  That's right.  All you need is a nice kegerator and voila you have your own draft beer at your house.

If buying a kegerator scares you then I should tell you that they do make smaller kegerators that might be more up your ally.  I happen to get them both because I wanted to the option of both in the house.

The big one is great for parties, but if I'm not having anyone over then I will gladly tap a small keg and partake of a nice cold beer.

The investment actually works out pretty well because when you thinks about all the money that you blow for bar beer it kind of works out, and might even be cheaper for you depending on how much you drink.

The kegerator has become a big hit in my house, and among my friends, so much so that people don't want to leave!  That's OK because I love the company.

If you are interested you should check them out and purchase one!

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